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Flower Shaped Lighter Holder, Cute Daisy Decor, Retro Home Decor 3D Models

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Digital File Description:

Brighten up your home decor with our Flower Lighter Shaped Holder! Designed to cradle your Bic with a touch of retro whimsy, this delightful Daisy Shaped Organizer is not just an accessory—it’s a statement of style and functionality. Whether you're preparing candles for a cozy evening or setting up under the stars, this holder is the perfect companion for all your smoking needs. 🌼

STL Files
  • 5 Petal Holder
  • Geomtric Holder
3 Straw Size Variations:
  • 8mm Standard
  • 10mm Large
  • 12mm Jumbo
  • Layer Height: 0.2mm
  • Top/Bottom Layers: 4
  • Perimeters: 3 or 4
  • Seam: Nearest
  • Infill: 15%-20% Grid Pattern
  • No Supports
*Temperature settings are dependent on filament and printer
Mold MAking Tips:
I use Oramask 813 Stencil Film to as a sticky base. This prevents the object you are molding from floating up.  It sticks really well and does not leave residue when you remove it. Remove any dirt or oil from the object before you place it, to ensure it sticks. You can buy it on amazon here:  If this technique fails, get out the hot glue! For the bottom part, you can use many materials, such as clear shipping tape, laminate sheets, double sided tape, etc. I strongly suggest using HOT GLUE around the base for bigger molds.

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